Monday, August 10, 2015

Reformation Tour Day 3

Today we went to Geneva, the famous city of the Reformation where the very best of the Reformation took place! This city and Z├╝rich were the two seeds from which the shoots of the Reformed tradition sprung. The legacy here is amazing and, honestly, outside of North Carolina, I can genuinely envision myself living here. The Swiss are an amazing people. Much like the Germans, except kinder. I would love to stay longer. (I would also like to visit Marburg, home of the university that housed the venerable Bultmann for around 30 years, but I will discuss that in time.)

Today we went to the church at which Calvin preached for his time here in Geneva, known as St. Peter's Cathedral (in English). The place is amazing and beautiful. Pictures are below. I'll keep the commentary to a minimum and mostly just label the pictures. Among them, however, are images of Calvin's chair, the church, and much inside the church.

St Peter's Cathedral, the church at which Calvin preached for years.

The lectern from which the Word of the Lord is proclaimed and perhaps was in Calvin's era also.

A lectern. Probably from which Calvin preached, or at least the one from which the preacher today preaches.

Calvin's Chair

The Reformation Wall. There's a picture of me in front of it, but I don't know whose camera it's on, so I'll just post it later. The following pictures are images from the rest of the wall.
On the wall itself from left to right are Farel, Calvin, Beza, and Knox. You don't really get a feel for how big these statues are. They're like 25 feet high. Huge.


Yay! The Institutes got a shout out! 

This is the entire wall from the left side looking all the way down.

We also went to the Reformation museum where pictures were not technically allowed. I absolutely did not take any pictures at all. So definitely don't ask to see the pictures that I didn't take because I totally don't have any to show you. But that's why there's really no cool pictures of things like a first edition of Calvin's Institutes, a first edition of Turretin's Institutes, etc. etc. (The great Marburger did get a shout out in the Museum though! And there was a first edition of Barth's book on Bultmann's theology where he shows he had no idea what Bultmann was saying.)

In any case, I hope it was interesting for you to see the pics! 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Reformation Day 1

Today we went to the Lutherhaus in Lutherstadt-Wittenberg. It was an amazing place. After being awake for nearly a day, it was no easy trip for many of us. We were hungry, tired, and, most of all, thirsty. But it was fun. We spent nearly all of our time there at the Lutherhaus, which is a museum dedicated to all things Luther.

Originally the Lutherhaus was the Augustinian monastery in Wittenberg. (Yes, the same one to which Martin Luther gave himself before the beginning of the Reformation.) They converted it into a museum to Luther a few years ago and though they have remodeled a bit, some of the original walls, floors, ceilings, doors, etc. are kept in place. It’s an amazing place. In the (what I suppose you would call) courtyard, there is a statue (I’m guessing life-size) of Katharina von Bora, who, as we all know, was Luther’s lovely bride. There is a picture of it below.

Luther's wife, Katharina (Katie) von Bora
 On the building in which the majority of the Luther artifacts reside, there is a cut out bust of Martin Luther with an inscription. I can’t make out all of it, but I’m pretty sure it says something like “The life and work of Dr. Martin Luther."

 We also visited the Cranach hall, where the “Artist of the Reformation” painted many different portraits and scenes important to the Reformation and Reformation history. Here is a larger than life size portrait of Luther and, below that, a larger than life size portrait of Melanchthon.

A small portrait of Philip Melanchthon

Larger than life size Luther

Larger (and uglier!) than life size Melancthon

If this is accurate, Melanchthon is as (perhaps more!) ugly as Luther makes him out to be! What a face!

From here on out are a few notable items. I’ll put them here and add a caption. I don’t have much time left to write commentary, just know that the trip thus far has been awesome. We even saw some of the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie. Sadly I have no pictures of those at this time, although they are on my families phones so they may end up here yet.

Luther's actual robe
Luther's Lectern

One of the images within Luther's lectern, reading Word Alone

Another few images from Luther's Lectern with the top image saying "YHWH" in Hebrew, the name for the Lord.
Below that is an image of Christ on the cross. Above him reads "Faith Alone" in Latin.
At the bottom is a portrait of a fat Luther.

The all things Luther library. The next several pictures are also of this impressive library.

A cast of Luther's face. This is also known as a death mask. It shows him to be serene, so as to prove that at the moment of his death he was ushered into heaven and so therefore his teaching was reliable.

This is the mold of his death mask.

The entrance door to Luther's living room. 

What Luther's living room looks like as you step through the door. The following images are what it looks like if you look from left to right.

Luther's stove to keep warm. It is decorated with many images on which I am not going to comment.

These were Luther's mugs and stuff. 

I could go on, but I shant. Enough pictures for today. If you want to see more, let me know and I'll try to oblige you. 

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